Installing a Specific Version of Docker Machine on Mac

This note is about Docker machine, not Docker for Mac. If the latest version of Docker machine is not working the way you expect, go install an older one.

Step 1: uninstall Homebrew packages of docker, docker-machine and docker-compose

Verify that using this command:

Step 2: install Docker toolbox

Go to and download desired version of Docker toolbox. It might be possible to use Homebrew to install a specific version of docker packages but it’s unnecessarily complicated so I would go with Docker toolbox.

Important note: at the last step of Docker toolbox installation, do not open quickstart terminal as it will install the latest version of boot2docker image which is the thing we want to avoid, so just close the installer.

Step 3: create a docker machine

Go to to pick the desired version of boot2docker and copy the link to the ISO file.

Now paste it to the command to create a docker machine like so (for example):

Step 4: docker-machine-nfs

Don’t forget to run docker-machine-nfs (Github: – available as a Homebrew package) to use NFS share to improve performance of the machine.

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